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DarLeague1 written by RstarsZeVoX, 2010-12-15 17:06 CET (0 comments)

The DarLeague1 is organise by clan dar.

This is a solo league with minimal 12 players, 4 groups.
The league can be played during more than 1 week if all players do their matches. The 2 best players of each group could participate at the final tournament.
(You have the time to do all your matches, the league isn't played in 1 days.)

For sign up, login on the site, do sign up and accept, or /w this.game.suxx- on battle.net.

The maps of the tournament are LT GW SB Outskirts and many others.

Races = Rdm mirror.

All matches are bo3 and final in bo 5.

Gl hf
fields marked with (*) are required
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